Amazon Prime Video Not Playing? Check Error To Fix it.

Amazon Prime Video, a premium subscription-based streaming service offered by Amazon, is a great
choice for binge-watching your favorite shows without any hiccups. You can watch movies, originals, TV shows and many more for free of cost. But sometimes you may feel let down by their services when you try to watch your favorite show. In this guide, we will show talk about the errors occur during their playback and how to fix them by calling Amazon Support Number +1(800)275-3933.

Sometimes customer runs into problems with the streaming, sign-in issue, connection problem, etc. For this kind of situations, customers are advised to contact Amazon customer care number to get help if they are not able to handle it yourself. Let’s look at the common Videos playback errors.

Amazon Prime Video error 7031? Check Solution

This error was shown to users recently for the first time and many users were impacted by this. And this has become a common issue today and it impacts Chrome, but you can work around it by using a different browser like Safari or Edge. Users who can’t use different browsers can try using the Prime Video in the incognito window. If that does not help then restart the Chrome and restart the computer as well to reset everything. If that does not help either then try contacting the team at Amazon support phone number, only they can help you. 

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Prime Video Streaming problems mostly come.

Internet connection is a big factor in Amazon Prime Video problems. Prime Video needs a good and consistent connection to stream high-quality videos for you. You can check your internet speed by using a speed test.

The error codes 1007, 1022, 7003, 7005, 7031, 7135, 7202, 7204, 7206, 7235, 7301, 9003 are all related to streaming problems occur during the playback. If your internet connection is not strong enough to stream videos you should contact your service provider and get a better connection.
But, there are things which you can do by yourself to resolve the issues. You need to unplug your modem and router and turn off the device as well. Come back at least 60 seconds later to plug it all in. Once everything is in place you can try streaming now again.

Video Download problems 

You can download videos for offline viewing on mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, and Android devices. This is one cool feature which lets you enjoy your favorite content even when you are offline. But downloads don’t always work and sometimes it displays error.